How the interactive whiteboard is useful to teachers

Motivating Teachers

On one hand, in order to catch up with the latest technology and teaching method, teachers have to learn computer skills and other skills needed for their teaching career. As a result, they are motivated to acquire the knowledge to utilise apparatus integrated with new technologies, the interactive whiteboard included. On the other hand, when teachers see students take an active part in interaction with the learning materials displayed on the screen, they are also stimulated to interact with students more and make their instruction more lively and fruitful.

Non-restricted preparation

The whiteboard functions is a platform for presentation and interaction, which saves teachers the trouble of preparing teaching cards, setting the projector, writing with marking pens or chalk, etc.. From these traditionally dull preparing jobs, teachers can pick and process resources from a wider variety of textual, graphical, audio and video materials. What’s more, so long as the teachers use the use of keeping the materials and annotations, they can just make adjustments over the substances or get inspiration next lesson plans.

While employing a digital interactive whiteboard, it offers the students a better understanding on knowledge in addition to teachers’ overall productivity.




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