The HSP – An Aussie Original

To break it down for first-timers: the HSP is simply layers of hot chips, kebab meat (chicken and/or lamb) and cheese, covered in sauce. Most sauces are okay, although three together – particularly garlic, chilli and barbeque in a perfect criss-cross – is considered the Holy Trinity.

Picture by @ Rambo’s Kebabs

“It’s like taking all the healthy parts of a kebab and throwing them away,”

HSP stands for Halal Snack Pack and these bad boys break all the rules when it comes to breaking the internet. It’s dirty, saucy and you cannot see a lot of the dish when taking a photo, but when the public see it, they cream their pants and rush to the nearest Kebab shop for the dirtiest, sloppiest HSP available.

Do we think the HSP is here to stay?

We think to think so, the HSP started in the early 60’s and after 60 long years, they are more popular than ever, stretching across the whole of Australia and into every single kebab shop in the country.

Fads last anywhere from 6 months to 12 months, 60+ years – we do not think the HSP is going anywhere!

This is what people have to say about the famous HSP:

“When I took a bite of this HSP, it cured my depression, my skin cleared, I found a winning scratchie on the ground, Michelle Obama accepted my friend request and my wife and kids finally came back to me”

“Apart from using a straw to slurp up the sauce I would 10/10 bang again.”

“HSPs are the best food in Melbourne, possible the best food in Australia!”

“Yummy and decadent middle eastern cuisine!”

“Get the large mixed hsp with extra chilli, yolo – you only live once big fella!




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